PMVA Breakaway and restraint methods level 2

Suitable for mental health, forensic and secure type services.
Course Profile
This course is over four days (30 hours of continuing professional development). The four day course covers safe holding restraint methods and the full ECC&R (UK) Ltd. NHS control and restraint (PMVA) syllabus with more in depth training on several different methods of restraint and can include current seclusion policies. It is suitable for anyone working in an environment which is either closed or providing forensic type services for the young, adult or elderly patients (subject to section or capacity). These courses are in alignment with ECC&R (UK) Ltd training teams developed for "train the trainers".


A knowledge and understanding of the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) training standards 2019, Use of Force Act 2018 and DOH 2014 recommendations including the criminal law act 1967 section 3:1

A knowledge and understanding of related Laws, Legislation and National UK Guidelines

Practical exercises in Restraint methods and Safe Holds


To give Learners the confidence and ability to safely and legally hold aggressive or violent patients when are where restraint is needed.

Course contents

Legislation and National UK Law on the Use of Force. Criminal Law Act.

Safety and Legal aspects, Guidelines from and including RRN, BILD (The RRN standards 2018 have now replaced the BILD code of practice), NIHME and NICE.

The Assault Cycle & causes of Violence & Aggression.

Basic De-Escalation methods.

Restraints three person team or more.

Seclusion (if required).

Reporting & Recording of restraint incidents.


All learners are constantly visually assessed throughout the 30 hour course modules they will be required to complete a breakaway and restraint practical competency assessment and a theory test during the course by the qualified course instructors to ensure that all Learners practice and apply correctly the methods taught and successful learners receive a certificate to reflect the course contents.

Lesson plan

Download our PMVA Level 2 four day lesson plan