Tom Starling Jr.

Tom Starling

"Personally, and I can only ever speak from a personal perspective. As the managing director of ECC&R UK Ltd, and a trainer for 33 years and 10 years as a national trainer for the home office prison department, I still adhere to the home office recommendations and guidance. Namely; The use of force by one person on another without consent is unlawful unless it is justified. Therefore, in order to make an objective decision regarding the appropriate application of force, a sound understanding of the law on the use of force is essential."

"Anyone dealing with another person shall not use force unnecessarily and, when the application of force is necessary, no more force than is necessary shall be used."

"All reasonable efforts must be made to manage violent, refractory or disturbed behaviour by persuasion or other means that do not entail the use of force. The use of force must always be regarded as a matter of last resort. The term 'use of force' means any type of physical intervention used on another person. It includes C&R techniques and Personal Safety. Where the use of force is necessary, only approved control and restraint techniques should be employed."

"Also, with the topic of positional asphyxia and safe restraint positions, continuously being debated and on the news. On the 30th October, 1998 David 'Rocky' Bennett tragically died at the Norvic Clinic Medium secure unit in Norwich, having died from a restraint prone face down position. Being held for over 25 minutes. At the consequential inquest of David 'Rocky' Bennett. This recommendation was under no circumstances should any patient be restrained in a prone face down position for a longer period than three minutes. Presented by the Inquiry to the Secretary of State for Health and the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Strategic Health Authority on Wednesday, 17 December 2003. by Sir John Blofeld, Chairman of the Inquiry Panel."

Thomas Starling MD - ECC&R Ltd. 2019

Tom Starling Junior, son of the founder, is Ethical Care Control and Restraint's current managing director.

Tom Starling Jr. has been involved in the practical instruction of Control and Restraint for over 33 years and has been providing this service to the Private Sector for 23 years, experience which is reflected in his achievements.

Company director Ethical Care Control & Restraint.

His company ECC&R (UK) Ltd. has been recognised as a centre to deliver NOCN (National Open College Network) qualifications.

Lecturer University of Essex - PMVA (Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression) School of Health & Human sciences.

Active IQ Level 4 award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice. (QCF)

Level 3 certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

Level 3 Award in Delivering Learning: An Introduction.

Level 3 Award for Deliveries of Conflict Management Training.

HSE First Aid at Work Trainer (UK First Aid & Safety Training Ltd.)

Ex Home Office National Trainer Control and Restraint.

Ex Home Office National Hostage Negotiator

Ex Home Office Designated Legal Aid Officer.

Level 3 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace.

Level 3 Award in Close Protection.