Effectiveness and Efficiency

ECC&R (UK) Ltd. promote effectiveness and efficiency with its variations and methods as it is seen as a broader strategy when addressing challenging and violent behaviours. When having to use physical interventions, whether they be minor, moderate or extreme, staff need to remain professional and address these different challenges with different gradients of control, which must be lawful, ethical, dignified, legal and safe for all parties.

Ethical Care was established 32 years ago, some 12 years before the first BILD (The RRN standards 2018 have now replaced the BILD code of practice) policy framework was produced. We submitted vast amounts of our material and findings on Physical Interventions as indeed the Training Officers for Lincolnshire Social Services both children & adult services did for this policy.

We received a thank you letter from Dr. Oliver Russell for our commitment to the project and help.

We received no formal acknowledgement in the publication even though some wording in it is actually word perfect from our own material.

We as an Independent Training Company also need no restriction on the different physical intervention methods we can currently supply to the majority of our commissioning organisations whom see us as the experts and problem solvers in the Control & Restraint and physical intervention world.

We followed the NHS (CFSMS) Promoting Safe & Therapeutic Services Syllabus, we were the first and only private company in the UK to do so.

We endorse the NIHME & NICE guidelines which allows us to teach variations on methods when dealing with a variety of both violent and challenging behaviour. In addition, our methods can be adapted to be used on all age groups in all areas.

We are recommended by Anglia Ruskin University, Faculty of Health and Social Care and the University of Essex, School of Health and Human Sciences (The Only Private Company to do so in the U.K.).

We supply mandatory practical and theoretical teaching on the Prevention & Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year nursing students.

We were invited to work in 'partnership' with the Home Office Prisons Department in solution finding, on a system on training staff working with Young Offenders and a broader strategy for Young People in STC's.