RRN Certificate

Certificate of Approval

Ethical Care PMVA training is certified by BILD ACT The BILD Association of Certified Training as Compliant with the RRN Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards.

The CQC Care Quality Commission has said Health and Social Care Services in England are to only use training in restrictive practices that is certified as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network training standards from April 2021.

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Letter from Dr. Alain Tanoe

As a member of the Healthcare profession I am aware that there are situations when there is a need for physical intervention when all methods have been tried. Having been taught some of these moves in a previous role I am aware of how important they are and that they are there to protect both staff and the person from serious harm. On reviewing the manual for 2021 I have found it to be very clear in its instructions and the illustrations are easy to understand. Dr. Alain Tanoe

BILD ACT Certification

Certification of training services is now a requirement for NHS commissioned services. In addition CQC expect regulated services to use certified training. Ethical Care Control & Restraint (UK) Ltd. are an organisation who have been awarded this certification.

Letter from Dr. Sekinat Abisola Oyawa

I have reviewed the ethical care control and restraint training manual for 2021. It is a detailed and informative manual with clear illustrations on defensive postures which will protect the handler and the client and cause no harm to either. Importantly, it stresses that the use of physical intervention on any person is only when all other methods have failed, and in that case only approved techniques should be used. Dr. Sekinat Abisola Oyawa


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