Training advice for supporting staff

Using the proactive understanding, restraint reduction and
safe management of aggression

Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards 2019.

These standards have been developed in response to the growing concern that some of the existing training may not be of an adequate quality to maximise the safety of people who are distressed or of the staff who have the difficult task of supporting them. In addition such training is not always provided in context where minimisation of both risk and the use of the restrictive interventions is a priority. Therefore these standards have been been designed to provide a framework for training that scaffolds best practise. These standards will provide a national and international benchmark for training in supporting people who are distressed in education, health and social care settings. For several years we have been proactive in trying to establish National Standards for the methods used in physical intervention to comply with our Statement of Intent and Ethical Approach. We strongly believe that the vast majority of organisations, whose employees may be faced with a violent situation, are crying out for National Standards.

Up and coming full course and refresher course dates

  • ECC&R PMVA Level 1 Nursing Agency Refresher Courses (Luton)

    Farley Community Centre, Delphine Close, Luton LU1 5RE

    1 x day PMVA refresher course, this course is in alignment with Skills for Health

    Course runs from 09:00 to 14:30 on the following dates:

    21st September 2019
    19th October 2019
    23rd November 2019

    Free parking on site with complimentary refreshments of Tea and/or Coffee throughout

    Please contact us for availability before booking!
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  • Ethical Care Training Facility in Stebbingford, Near Dunmow in Essex

    ECC&R Essex Training HQ: (10 Minutes from Stansted Airport just off M11) Ethical Care C/O Blatches Farm B&B, Stane Street, Stebbingford, Essex CM6 3AL

    PMVA 1 x day refresher:

    24th August 2019

    PMVA level 1 train the trainers intensive course

    Course runs from 09:00 to 17:00 on the following dates:

    9th to 11th September 2019

    Please Note: We require a minimum of four students for such a course be it for Private or corporate, company or organisation bookings

    For more information, booking and payment please contact Tom on 07979461771 for bookings, subject to availability.

    Please contact us for availability before booking!
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  • ECC&R full courses and refresher courses for PMVA/C&R Level 1, PMVA/C&R Level 2 and Train the Trainer

    Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA), Control and Restraint (C&R), Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution both full courses and refresher courses avalible

    Due to recent demand Ethical Care are now allowing private hospitals and other groups access to our Train the Trainer courses, however this is for a minimum of three staff per organisation and not currently open to individuals

    All courses can be held either at our training HQ in Essex or at a venue of your choice

    Please email us on for more information, prices and availability

ECC&R (UK) Ltd follow the following Restrictive Interventions for PMVA

Our courses include Restraint Reduction and adhere to proportionate restrictive interventions which include the legal aspects, national updated policy guidance on the theory regarding Physical Interventions which are in alignment with "Skills for health standards" in the use of Breakaway, Safe Holding & Restraining Young People, Adults and the Elderly.

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Our ethical approach minimises opportunities for conflict whilst reacting with care and control

ECC&R (UK) Ltd. Ethical Care methods and agreed variations are a broader strategy employed when addressing challenging behaviour and having to use physical intervention against minor, moderate or extreme aggression. The professional needs to be able to address the different challenges with different gradients of control which are at all times ethical, dignified, legal and reducing the need for restraint.

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PMVA training courses and national updates


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